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Please note that this estimator is for selective pallet rack only. It will not price drive-in, pushback, or gravity flow racks.

1) Enter the size and weight of the pallet being stored.

Pallet Width (Inches): 
Pallet Depth (Inches): 

Pallet Dimensions - The most common size of pallet is 40" wide by 48" deep.

Load Width (Inches):  
Load Depth (Inches):  
Load Height (Inches):  
Weight Per Pallet (lbs.):  

Load Data - Your load may overhang the pallet width or depth. The height dimension should include the height of the pallet as well as the pallet load.

2) Enter the dimensions for your storage space.

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Alert!Do not enter feet or inch marks in these dimensions. Do not enter fractional numbers or decimal points, round up to the next highest whole number instead.

Available Length:Required

Available Width:Required

Available Height: Required
Aisle Width: Required
Aisle 1:
Aisle 2:

3) How many pallets do you want to store?

You can:

  1. Specify the number of pallets - enter the "Number of pallets to store", and leave fill the room unchecked.
  2. Store as many as will fit - select "Fill the room with pallet rack", and leave "Number of pallets to store" blank, DO NOT enter zero in the "Number of pallets to store".

Number of pallets to store: 


4) Select pallet rack options

Do you want to place the first level of pallets on the floor?

Placing the pallet 6" above the floor may be required for air circulation in a freezer, or where some condition exists such that placing the pallet on the floor is not desirable.


Do you need Post Protectors?

Post Protectors keep pallet rack frames safe from lift truck or other loading equipment damage by providing solid steel protection at the base of the upright.


Will you require Front-to-Back Pallet Supports?

They allow for storage of pallets which are not deep enough to fit on standard rack frame depths while providing additional support to standard pallets. It also provides a measure of safety if the pallet is not set properly on the beams.


Pallet supports are only available for 36", 42", and 48" deep pallet rack.

Do you need wire decking?

Wire decking gives you the opportunity to store un-palletized boxes on a beam level. With open wire mesh construction, water from fire sprinklers can freely flow to lower levels. They also provide some safety by supporting pallets which are not aligned properly on the beams.


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The pricing provided is an estimate, not a quotation

Consider the estimator results as a starting point to determine the sizes, type, and quantities of pallet rack needed to fill your requirements. Once an estimate is provided, it will need to be reviewed and revised to allow for obstructions such as doors, building columns, electrical panels and HVAC equipment. Your local building codes may also affect the configuration and pricing of the pallet rack. If your facility requires consideration for seismic conditions, please contact us so that we can work with you further on your requirement.

The Rack Estimator does not include estimates for these items:

  • Shipping, unloading, or any other freight costs
  • Assembly or installation
  • Shims, anchors, wall ties, or other hardware that may be required to complete your configuration


You can get a freight estimate from your freight carrier. If you need only a few bays of rack, you may be able to ship it by LTL freight. Typically larger quantities of pallet rack will need to be shipped on a flatbed trailer.

Limits Of Estimator

  1. The Rack Estimator will price uprights up to 20'-0" tall.
  2. The load bearing capacities of uprights are affected greatly by the beam spacing. Contact us if you are storing loads taller than 60"

If you need pricing on a configuration that can not be quoted online, please forward your specifications, and we will provide you pricing.

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